GRACIA: “Kindness granted by God to help everyone to achieve their learning with an act of LOVE.”

We want to serve as a channel to transmit learning and spiritual methods to help people be themselves and to raise their levels of consciousness in order for them to accomplish their healing at all levels of their being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).





Danayde Abreu:

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) consultant and certified teacher. She is dedicated to her spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, and to helping others learn with infinite compassion toward their learning.

Her personal testimony:

“In the year 2000, Georgina Maestre, introduced me to Spiritual Response Therapy. Thanks to God and Georgina, I got to know this beautiful tool developed by Robert Detzler. My way of learning in this life has been transformed; I have learned a lot of compassion and love. For me, every day is a new opportunity and an absolute miracle to give the best of me to others in order to help them in their healing process with infinite mercy and unconditional love."

Learning is an easy word to express, but difficult to assimilate and accept for everything that we have created or for our decisions. When entering this path, the most important thing is your intention; the rest is part of the learning.

Danayde also has a long career as a Tourist Business Administrator, in Hotels and Banquets.

Danayde Abreu

+34 685 355431

+1 786 6553245

Skype Danaabreu



Georgina Maestre:

Certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teacher, certified in Reconnection by Eric Pearl; and teacher of REIKI, Flowers of Bach, and Homeopathy. She has a long career as a Commercial Administrator, wife and mother of two amazing young kids. She is very grateful for the beings of Love who have been her teachers in this life (Mario, Mario Daniel and Fabián). She is dedicated to her spiritual growth and helps the planet elevate all levels of consciousness.

In 1999, she was directed to learn Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), without realizing that it was what she had been looking for all along. Once she received it, even when she was skeptic about it, many blockages were cleared, so she finally accepted this technique. “I am thankful for the infinite beings that helped me make my dream of entering this path come true because it was really what I wished: to be able to help others in their healing process.” She has helped many people find their own internal force, pushing them to reach their higher potential and develop better health, success, prosperity and happiness; all through Love. She has had experience working with individuals, groups, teenagers, couples, business owners, bringing Love, clarity, and hope; besides responses to those who feel trapped and limited in their life.

Georgina Maestre

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
+1 787-9628024